Friday, July 30, 2010

Sock Obsession

I tried knitting socks over a year ago. I tried an online tutorial then took a class at an LYS with my friend Sara, and then I quit. I got annoyed with it and I also got pregnant! The morning sickness took precedence and I pretty much stopped knitting all together.

One year later…we attended the Estes Park Wool Market and while in a vendor booth full of sock yarn, I started to reconsider the idea of knitting socks. I really didn’t like the DPN (double point needle) method so I learned the Magic Loop method (mentioned in a previous post). I finished my first pair of socks in July using the Magic Loop. Then I started my second and third pair on DPN’s (figured I’d give them another chance) and I LOVED it! I’m glad I know how to do both methods as I think I will use them equally depending on the pattern.

So I started a pair of socks for Brynn now. I am knitting tube socks (no heels) so that they will grow with her feet. Once I’m done with those, McKenzie is next, then Dan, then others that I have planned for gifts (no I’m not telling who is getting them!).

I also joined a knit-a-long/read-a-long where we knit some socks using the same pattern (most of us using the same colorway) and we read the same book. That starts August 1st, but I haven’t gotten my yarn in the mail yet, so I’ll probably have to start knitting them a little late. I have the whole month of August to finish them, so I’ll have to hurry once I get them. This is all through Ravelry, online knitting/crocheting community.

So that’s it for now. I do have other ongoing knitting projects that I am slowly working on, but it seems like the socks are coming before anything else. I do need to get McKenzie’s blanket finished before her 1st birthday as I want to give that her to as a birthday present and I have a LONG way to go!


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