Monday, June 7, 2010

Upgrade time!

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So Dan and I finally got our new phones. We were both planning on getting iphones, but Dan did some researching (like he always does) and found that we could get more bang for our buck by going with an Android phone. So that meant having to change wireless carriers of course. I was dreading the change, but hoping that some of the spots where I always lose service with AT&T would magically work when I was using Verizon. I haven't been able to test that certain spot yet, but we'll see if it works tomorrow when I'm back at work.

He's explored his phone a bit more than I, but I know he is loving it so far. My favorite part is being able to pick all the apps I want. So far I've added a to-do app, grocery shopping app, and of course QVC app just to name a few. Dan has added way more and has also "bumped" some of his apps to my phone via the "Bump" app (thanks for the info on that Dad)!

So needless to say, we are both enjoying our new little technology toys a lot!!


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