Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Weekend

This weekend was full of fun events! Brynn's first Taekwondo tournament was on Saturday morning, then it was running around and getting the final things for Kenzie's party done. Brynn did great at the tournament. It was more of a way to get the Tiny Tigers used to competing. She was a bit floppy as she did her form and she didn't seem very interested, but later on she told us it was because she was shy. Then it was Kenzie's birthday party at Gymboree Play and Music! All her friends had such a blast and Kenzie really enjoyed herself. I think she was overwhelmed with everything that she could do! The party was a success and I'm really glad we decided to have it there!


1 comment:

  1. aww....i've said it before, you have such gorgeous daughters. that picture of mckenzie looking up with cake all over her face is a classic, and makes me want to bite her little cheeks. :) i love the bottom photo of brynn, such accomplishment! now the mama gets to take it easy i hope.


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