Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beginning of Summer

Finally we are seeing a hint of snow, temps are rising, and the pools are opening. With summer, comes a very busy schedule, and it just seems to get busier as the years go by and the kids become more involved in activities.

This week marks the end of Brynn's first year in school. Her last day is tomorrow and I know that she can't wait to start attending Susan's again along with Kenzie. I also begin a Summer Bible Study at church this week (Thursday evenings) and I am really looking forward to starting that. I've also taken a big step by volunteering to teach Sunday school classes 2 Sundays a week at our church. My small group will be the 2nd grade girls, so please keep me in your prayers as I start this new and fun adventure! :)

The first part of our summer will be busy with taekwondo and also a trip to Texas later in June. We will be staying with my parents and going to all of my favorite food spots while we are there and we will also be making a family trip to Sea World. Dan and I will be going with Bubba (brother) and Laura (SIL) to a DCI performance (Drum Corp International), while we are there as well, and I'm really looking forward to that.

The rest of the summer will be spent around home and the girls will have swimming lessons in July. Brynn will actually be taking the lessons and Kenzie will attend a Parent-Tot class with either Dan or I. So needless to say we will be staying busy.

I am also planning on starting at Curves (work-outs for women) and I am super excited about that. I go in for my first assessment tomorrow, and hope to sign up and get started on losing some weight and getting my tone back.

Knitting is also keeping me busy. I am still trying to finish up on some monsters that I have promised to people. I am working on my first Christmas gift project, which is coming along nicely and I really like the pattern. My goal was to start Christmas knitting by June, and I started before then,so that makes me feel pretty good. Disclaimer: For close friends and family, many of my gifts to you this year will be hand-knit, the yarn is economical, but the work and time spent on the project is priceless, so I hope you enjoy your gifts come December. :)

Thanks for reading and hope every one has an amazing week!


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