Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been moving right along on all of my knitting projects. I finished my knit-along/read-along for August. The book was awesome and so was the sock pattern. I started on some socks for Dan and have already finished the first sock and am currently working on the second. It's a nice mindless pattern that I can do easily while watching tv. I also started and finished a winter hat for Brynn in less than one week, so I'm moving right along!

McKenzie's blanket is coming along as well, I think I'm about half done with it. Once I'm done with her blanket, I hope to start on some short sleeve cardigans for the girls. I probably won't get done with them till they don't fit them anymore! I will probably start on Brynn's first as the highest size that the pattern goes is a size 5.


  1. Love the hat and she looks so cute in it. Good job, Mommy!

  2. Thank you!! It was a fast knit, so that made me really happy!

  3. Brynn is GORGEOUS. (and the hat's not bad either!) :)


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