Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week

We made it through our first week of kindergarten and a new schedule! Brynn is loving her class so far. She is really enjoying her teacher and meeting new friends. She is having a hard time witht he before school care though and still has issues when we drop her off. I'm sure she will get used to it eventually though.

When we've been picking her up, we ask her what she did at school that day, and the answer usually is, "Oh I don't know" or " We had circle time and recess". :) We have been trying to read a book to her every night and so far so good! We'll have to make a trip to the library again this weekend to return some books and get more!

McKenzie is doing great as usual at Susan's. I'm not sure if she misses her sister or not or if she is already enthralled by the new 14 month old little girl that started on Monday. Apparently they are partners in crime. :) McKenzie's top teeth are ready to pop through, but seems like they are just sitting there underneath her swollen gums. Poor thing!

As for our drop off/pick up schedule...that's a whole other subject. We started the week off with mommy dropping off the girls in the morning and daddy picking them up in the afternoon. By Friday that has changed. I was getting to work really late and never really knew when I would actually get to work because of how unreliable the traffic was....seems like it got worse and worse everyday, making me later and later everyday, even though I was leaving at the same time. So this morning, I got to work at my usual time of 6:15 and I am leaving at 2:45 in order to pick up Brynn on time and then get McKenzie. We had tried the other schedule so that I could help Dan get the girls ready in the morning, but trying to do as much as I can the night before to help him out for the next morning. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We don't have a lot planned. Saturday morning we are taking Brynn to a special TKD training class with the Grand Master in Training for ATA, then probably do some fun family stuff. :)

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