Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's now 5 days till Brynn starts kindergarten and I have so many thoughts going through my head. I did a google search for "starting kindergarten" and I came across an article by a mom who had written her kindergartener a letter before he started. One of her quotes was

"The hardest part of releasing you to elementary school — or any new
experience — is realizing that I must give you up to the less-than-perfect
world that awaits you."

Those are my feelings exactly! I'm so worried that people will be mean to her and there are so many big kids around her that she isn't used to. I remember when I was young, that I was always nervous about being around older kids, and I hope she didn't inherit that trait from me.

It seems like it's all coming so fast now. I dropped off a breakfast cassrole for the teacher appreciation potluck at her school this morning. Tomorrow I have to go to a Kindergarten Parents meeting, then Friday Dan is taking Brynn in for her testing and that evening we have open house where we get to meet her teacher and get a tour of the school. PTA is also sponsoring a Welcome Back Carnival where they will have games, food, etc. Then it's the weekend and she starts the following Monday!

I just want her to be happy and enjoy herself. It makes me all teary-eyed right now just writing this, but I will get through it and so will she. :)


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