Monday, August 9, 2010

A Blog that takes my breath away...

I happened upon a blog about 5 or so months ago and I must say that after looking at it for a bit, I was brought to tears. It's about an amazing Mommy who lost her baby too soon and her blog is about her, her husband, her little son in Heaven, and her new baby girl. She is so inspiring and an amazingly strong person in my eyes. I don't know her personally, but see how she is feeling by reading her blog. I personally can't even imagine how she felt when she lost her baby boy and how she still feels, but I can only imagine losing one of my precious girls and it brings tears to my eyes. She has always been on my blog list, but I have listed a link below to her blog. The title of her blog (if you reference my blog list) is "He will Carry Me". Such an appropriate title as it is God and her family who get her through her days. Thank you Stacy for being such an inspiration to many Mommy's out there who need to hear your words.

He Will Carry Me


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