Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taos Weekend...a bit behind

Okay, so I'm a bit behind on posting this, but our weekend in Taos was amazing! I'm inspired to write this as I'm reading all about Rhinebeck (another amazing wool festival) on my other favorite blogger's sites. Going to Taos was exciting on many levels....1) it was our first mini-vacation 2)we were staying in an amazing house 3)I was spending time with my family 4) it was my birthday weekend 5) there would be yarn....and lots of it 6) great food 7) ample knitting time 8) the drive wasn't too long 8) the scenery was gorgeous 9) I got Rudy's BBQ in CO Springs 10) relaxation

The girls had a blast hanging out in the colorful house, and we were able to walk to pretty much everything we needed to, which was nice as parking is tough in Taos. I will definitely try and go to Taos every year for the wool festival, being that it's only 5 hours away. :)


  1. Rudy's BBQ? RUDY'S BBQ??? As in Rudy's BBQ? When you said you were eating Texas BBQ, I didn't think it was really Texas BBQ. But then again, Texans are particular about BBQ, I shoulda known. Your trip to Taos looks amazing, and Rhinebeck will always be there. :)

  2. Yes! Rudys!!! I also heard they were bringing one to Denver in the next couple of years! I'm so excited, but knowing that there is one about an hour away from me makes me feel even better. :)


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