Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Please wave!

Moving from Texas to Colorado, I've seen so many difference in the weather, land, and especially the people. Hence, my pet peeve for the day...people not waving at me if I let them merge into my lane on the highway or any road for that matter! I don't have to let you in...I'm just being nice, slowing down and allowing you to enter my lane. Those who wave at me make my day...and I think "they must be from Texas". In Texas, when you let someone in or pass you on a two-lane road, the first thing they do is wave and I love it! I never realized how rude drivers could be until I moved to Colorado. I also tend to not let in any Fords. I will either speed up so they can't get in front of me or I change lanes. I know that no one probably cares about this, but just something about me you may not have known.

So when someone lets you merge into their lane, be sure to wave at them...it's the Texan way!



  1. Amen to CO. rudeness and hanging in the left lane with NO CLUE another car is within 100mi. from them...


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