Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Block

So I've been thinking of what to blog about next and nothing comes to mind really! Sad, I know! I've been meaning to come up with a great topic that would keep ya'll reading with anticipation, but it's just not coming to me! Another blog/knitting/fellow Texan friend, Lori at Thrums, posted on her blog today that she just hasn't been interested in knitting lately, and I am having the same issue. A knitting/blog block.

I'm hoping to get to work on some socks tonight, so hopefully that will get me back into my groove for knitting. As far as the blogging goes, I'll get it back soon, I promise. Don't give up on me.


1 comment:

  1. that happens to me too. it's like my brain just becomes empty, OR everything i think of seems stupid, or self-indulgent, or really just too embarrassing in its me me me-ness. if i just let myself be and don't worry about it, however long it takes, the jazz comes back. i always fear it'll be weeks, but it's usually just 3 days or so. i'll wait!


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