Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Danger: Monsters Ahead

This title has multiple meanings..."Danger" has two meanings: danger, as in I have become addicted to Rebecca Danger's (<-- second meaning) monster patterns. She creates these adorable monster, cat, bear, etc. patterns and I have become addicted! It's a great way to stash bust (which is one of my goals this year) and it creates cute little gifts for my girls, their friends, and other people who I decide to give one too. :) You can check out Danger Crafts etsy shop HERE.

I just finished all of the pieces of Penelope the monster for Brynn and am about to get started on the same monster for Kenzie, but in different colors that I am pulling from my stash. Once I finish Kenzie's I'm going to "bring them to life" with stuffing, eyes, mouth, and a cute little bow. I am planning on giving them as Valentine gifts.

Here is a picture of the monster pre-stuffed and pre-sewn. :)


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