Sunday, January 23, 2011

A whole lot of nothin'

Exactly what this weekend was. I did let a lot of knitting (and sewing) done though, especially on my monsters for the girls. I'm addicted to those things now. I started up on a bear for a friends new baby and have that pretty much done, but I'm stuck as I am in need of some eyes for it. Got those ordered and just waiting for them to come in. I also got started on another monster for my Pay it forward thing on FB. I have to make 5 monsters for 5 people. I'm also on hold for that monster as I am waiting for the eyes to come in the mail. Hmmm....eyes coming in the mail....that sounds kinda gross.

Anyways, we didn't get a whole lot done around the house, but that's my own fault. I get started knitting and I can't/don't want to stop. Our closet and the girls' closet are in dire need of organizing, but I just can't get myself up there to do it. :)

As I write, the girls are playing nicely (the majority of the time). Brynn is playing with Kenzie's toys and Kenzie is playing in the food container cabinet. There is something wrong with that. I also turned on football for Dan (trying to be nice) and he's not even watching it! He is now upstairs helping his mom with something on her computer (over the phone).

That's all my rambling for now. Work week starts tomorrow and I'll be wishing yet again, for Saturday.

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