Friday, February 25, 2011


I believe (as I know that many of you do) that people come into our lives for a reason. Whether it be for a good reason or a bad reason. One person who came into our lives just a little over a year ago, came in for a good reason. She gave us a safe home for our girls, field trips weekly to keep kids engaged, a love for reading that she shares with the kids she takes care of, and she gave us piece of mind that our children were going to be loved as if they were her own.

Through her, we also found out our oldest daughters love for taekwondo. She thrives in that environment and we never would have even known, especially since I was the one who wanted to put her in ballet. :)

This woman holds love in her heart for every single child she takes care of and is a gift to all of the families she has touched the lives of.

This person is Susan. She is truly a blessing and a gift for our family and our girls. McKenzie would rather be at Susan's any day than be with Mommy and Daddy, but we know the reason why and that's totally fine with us. :)


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