Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling the need to finish

So this has been bothering me a bit for the past few days...wondering what it is? I have two knitting projects going on right now 1) Citron shawlette 2) Jaywalker rainbow socks, and I have an urge to knit until they are done so that they don't go into the year 2011 unfinished.

I've been really working on the shawlette as I was hoping to have it blocked and ready to wear by 1/1/11. The socks aren't such an issue to finish, except that I'm starting a KAL (knit along) on the new Cookie A sock pattern book on 1/1/11 also. At least I'm already on my second sock, so I'm sure I'll be finished with this pair maybe in a week?

Anyways, my wrist is going numb when I work on the shawlette, so I hope it gets done! Blocking will take all day tomorrow, so my time is running out! I'm just going to curl up on the couch and try to stay warm since our low tonight is 0 degrees. :) Snow is still coming down, and I'm kinda glad we are finally having our first snow of the season.



  1. OH MY GOD i love your citron. love it love it love it. That color is amazing, and really shows the pattern so well. wowie. must make one. but it always seems like such an interminable and boring pattern to actually knit. has it seemed that way to you? the look is so great, i want one, but i think i'd pull my hair out with boredom.

  2. Yes, it's very boring, but it's a good knit while I'm watching tv since I don't really have to pay attention. At this point I'm working on the edge ruffle and I'm not doing all of the rows called for as it's over 500 stitches at this point!


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