Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's only Sunday

This was a tough post as I was waiting to have some kind of picture to show you, as I know I love reading blogs that have pictures! I realized that I don't necessarily have to have a picture, and that I can just write if I want to. Doesn't matter if you really don't want to read it, just matters that I felt like typing it and it's made me feel better that I have a blog post! :) Anyways, woke up this morning thinking that it was Monday and that I had woken up late, I sat up in bed and realized that it was Sunday (felt much better than Monday), so I laid back down to try and go back to sleep. But then I listened....didn't hear the the girls rustling about in their rooms, so I thought, "I must get downstairs and get my coffee and some knitting done before anyone wakes up!".

So I did! Coffee is ready, QVC is on, my knitting is sitting in front of me. As soon as I'm done posting this and doing a bit of surfing on the web, my knitting will be in my hands. And I'm sure as soon as it's in my hands, McKenzie will start crying. :)

Have a blessed Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. i hope you got some knitting done before mckenzie woke up!


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