Friday, December 24, 2010

Plan for the day

As I sit here to try and write this post, I have a 1 year old fussing that she wants to be held and is about to have a melt-down.

Instant update: She is now back in her crib and trying to fall back asleep. Don't think she slept long enough, and I think big sister has something to do with that.

Brynn is still awake and watching Christmas shows on TV, while I surf the internet, try and knit some on my Citron and do the girls laundry. Once Dan is up and we've all bathed or showered, we start the sugar cookie making process. Should be interesting, fun, and hopefully not too messy. :)

Then it will be lunch time soon after and hopefully the girls will take a short nap. The church service we are planning on attending is at 3 p.m. (they have 5 other time choices). We have never been to this church before, and it is huge, apparently over 4,000 members. It's a Lutheran church, so it's Dan's "kinda church", but the only thing I am worried about it the girl's behavior, mainly Kenzie. We'll see how it goes.

For dinner we will be enjoying some tamales and cheese dip! It won't be like being at home, but it will be close. I'm just looking forward to spending time with my little family. Something about Christmas makes you forget everything that worries you and allows you to focus on what you do have. After dinner, we'll get the girls dressed in their Christmas jammies, take some pictures, and let them open two presents (specific presents, that is). They are the ornaments from Great-Grandma Harpster. Then they can hang them on the tree, set out the milk and cookies for Santa, and sprinkle their reindeer treats outside so that Santa finds our house, then it's time for bed.

I will be giving strict rules that Brynn does not come downstairs until she has come to our room first. I was even thinking about sleeping downstairs so that we don't miss anything. :) Well, enough rambling...I'll let you go


  1. cheese dip - as in, Velveeta and Ro-Tel cheese dip?? (aka, the "right" kind of cheese dip) what a busy but lovely day. i hope the cookie-making is fun, and i hope you have a wonderful day. merry christmas, kelli!

  2. Yes! Velveeta and Ro-Tel cheese dip!!! :) Pictures to follow from our eventful day!


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