Sunday, December 12, 2010

Motherly Guilt

So this morning was one of those mornings that I really needed. Had to first get the grocery shopping out of the way so ran to Target and hurried back home since I had to leave soon after.

Then came the fun part. I met my friend, Maria, at YaYa's Bistro for Sunday Brunch. I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never been there before, but she had and she said it was so good! Boy was she right! They had crab legs, steak, desserts, and all the breakfast staples (plus mimosas) and it was amazing! Definitely needed the food and the girl time.

I did feel a bit guilty leaving Dan alone with the girls, but realized that I need my alone time too and I've been needing a couple hours by myself for awhile now. Sounds like they had a great time with watching movies and playing games.


  1. you know what they say on airplanes: put your own mask on first before assisting others. :)

  2. Definitly need to get guilt and Dan is a great dad who needs one on one time with his little girls...makes you a better mom!

  3. Lori...that's true! are right! I came home refreshed that day.


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